Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In 2009 I was the Enrichment Leader for my Relief Society. I was able to get to know many of the women in the ward and I learned alot about that responsibility. It was stressful at times, but overall a good experience!

Then at the begining of 2010 I was released and called to be a Relief Society teacher. A calling I did NOT feel I was worthy of. I always LOVED going to Relief Society because the teachers always did such an incredible job at inviting the spirit to be with us. I felt overwhelmed at the task that was set before me, and asked the Bishop if he was sure he had the right person... he was. I was soooooo nervous for my first lesson! But after I got over that hump, I felt more at ease each time I had to teach. Over the past 7 months, this calling has helped me to invite the spirit more into my life than any other calling has. As I have studied the topics and prayed for guidance to teach my lessons, I have become more and more greatful for the opportunity to have this calling.

In April I was given another calling in addition to being a Relief Society teacher. I was called to be the Young Women's Camp Director! Now this one I knew I could handle... after all, it was going to be my 11th year at Girls Camp!! Camp was held at the begining of June and it was (as always) an incredibly spiritual experience. I will forever LOVE girls camp!

Last Sunday, I was released from both of those callings. And my husband and I got a new calling together as the (are you ready for this??).......... MARTIN'S COVE TREK COORDINATORS!! Our Ward is inviting everyone 12yrs and up to go on a Pioneer Trek in Wyoming (10hrs away) at Martin's Cove next July. I knew our Bishop was wanting to do this, and ever since I found out, I had a feeling that I would be involved somehow. I just never thought that I would be in charge of it! I am so glad to be able to share this responsibility with Jason too, it will be a learning experience for us both I'm sure! I look forward to this next year with much anticipation of what is to come. I have so many mixed emotions about this- I'm stressed, nervous, excited, scared, happy, anxious... but most of all I am humbled at the opportunity to plan this out with everyone from the ward. I will be investing in some knee pads, as I imagine I will find myself praying to my Heavenly Father more than ever before.

I welcome any and all suggestions!!