Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My sister-in-law, Joy, and I ran in a small fun run together! It was a relay where teams had to wear a hat and pass it off as if it was the baton. They were giving out prizes for the best hat and since we knew we wouldn't get first place in the race- we decided to get first place in the best hat category! AND WE DID! It was a fun race! It was: 2 miles x 2 miles x 2 miles x 2 miles (so we each ran 4 miles total... just incase you didn't get that!) Here are some pics from the big event!

Joy and I before the race!
Notice our planned outfits to coordinate with our awesome hat! Oh yeah... we're cool! :)

Joy on the last stretch of the relay! She was commin in strong and totally rocked it!
WE WON "BEST HAT"!! (don't be jealous!)
Showing off our outfits, and just glad we made it through the race!

This was our small group of race participants. Check out all the cool hats! (Sombrero's, bunny ears, wigs, fishing hats, flower hats, etc.) Joy and I are in the top left corner!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I went down to Utah March 6th-11th for my cousin Jake's wedding. Don't worry- the roads were all good this time! Here is a little re-cap of my visit!
Dad, Haley, and I

Haley and I in the canyon where Dad's grafiti is hidden.

Dad's grafiti from his college days! If you can't tell, it says "DEB (heart) JAN WAS HERE". I won't go into all the juicy details of who Deb is, but you should ask my dad about his freshman sweetheart! OH-LA-LA! (sorry mom!)

Haley, Corban, Teneill, Teneill's Fetus, Me, Chelsea, and Dad.
Having a delicious Mexican Dinner! Thanks Dad!

We told our waiter it was Dad's birthday! (which was no lie, by the way)
They sang, and danced, and embarrassed him like no other! Dad was such a good sport to still pay for dinner after all that! :)
I spent the night with Haley in her Freshman dorms (Jason met me in Utah on Sunday, but I went down on Friday)... oh that brought back good memories! Although I don't remember being that hyper! (But I do admit to having a selective memory!)
A BIRD POOPED ON ME! (or so we thought!) I walked outside of Teneill's front door and all the sudden there was this little "plop" and I look down to see this lovely ditty right smack dab in the middle of my dress! For some reason, no one would taste it to see if it actually WAS bird poop, you see, we had just eaten some sandwiches with mustard and mayo on them- but I am NOT that big of a slob to spill and not notice. So you see, it MUST have been a bird!


Dad and all his girls! (minus three!) We missed you Mom, Jill, and Sierra!
Ya'll missed some SWEET dance moves by the way! (Just ask Chelsea!)
Andie, Crystal, and I
It has been FOREVER since I've seen these girls! And yet- It was just like old times! We laughed soooo hard at all our memores from growing up in Cincinnati. GOOD TIMES!! I miss you girls! Come up and visit sometime!
Andie Robinson, Crystal Lyman, and I in our "hooker boots" (a DIRECT quote from Andie!). We wore them to church on Sunday, and yes I went to a singles ward while Jason was gone! Don't worry, I let my wedding ring sparkle like never before!
Haley, me, and Dad!
We hit the slopes on Tuesday and had the PERFECT ski day! There was a big snow storm the day before we went skiing, which ment LOTS of powder and no ice! Plus there was hardly anyone there that day! I didn't even run anybody over this time! :)

Me, Dad, and Haley on the ski lift!