Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teneill's Baby Shower!

Well Teneill's little fetus is growing in her little belly, and her little baby is comming soon! These are pictures from our celebration that it was her a NOT me!! :) Happy Baby Shower Teneill!

Chelsea, Me, Teneill, Haley, and Jill

If anyone needs cupcakes decorated, you should hire Jill, Haley, Chelsea, and I... We make a KILLER team! Don't you think?!

Cute little Mia! (Jill's newest addition)

Jill, Chelsea, Me, and Teneill
Saying our SAD, SAD good-bye's!

And this picture explains why it is Teneill who is pregnant, and not me!!


Jason and I have been looking for the PERFECT tent for quite some time now... and we finally found it! (We hope!)

We decided to set it up in our living room to make sure it really was PERFECT :)

Jason's ONE requirement was that he had to be able to stand up straight in it. That's alot harder than it sounds- he's 6'4!!! But luckily this tent is 7'2 at the center! Talk about head clearance!!

The bubble that took over our living room! We almost couldn't fit it! My one requirement was that I wanted it to be able to COMFORTABLY fit our queen sized air mattress. Well this tent is 16 feet X 14 feet... I think we accomplished that one!
When you take off the outer cover, it's like a big screened-in room! I love that! (Notice The Biggest Loser is on in the background! Love that show!)

Inside the tent... Celebrating our awesome find! And it was on SALE too! How sweet is that!