Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teneill's Baby Shower!

Well Teneill's little fetus is growing in her little belly, and her little baby is comming soon! These are pictures from our celebration that it was her a NOT me!! :) Happy Baby Shower Teneill!

Chelsea, Me, Teneill, Haley, and Jill

If anyone needs cupcakes decorated, you should hire Jill, Haley, Chelsea, and I... We make a KILLER team! Don't you think?!

Cute little Mia! (Jill's newest addition)

Jill, Chelsea, Me, and Teneill
Saying our SAD, SAD good-bye's!

And this picture explains why it is Teneill who is pregnant, and not me!!


Nick, Sara, and kids said...

come on brook! those moments are few and far between... kinda... but it's well worth it.
please. i dont wanna be a grandma when you start having kids.

The Longs said...

Haha I love that last picture of you. I don't believe you though, you'd be a great little mommy.

Crystal Lyman said...

Lol! You crack me up! Missed you at Andie's bridal shower. Love you girl!