Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Community Garden

This year our Stake has put together a Community Garden. They had a couple acres of land that wasn't being used, and they had a couple of acres donated for use. This project is HUGE. Jason and I have been put in charge of a small square foot garden to demonstrate how a garden can be managed at your own home in a smaller space. It has been alot of hard work, but has been a fun project to do together. This is my first attempt at a garden, but Jason (growing up in Idaho and all) is practically a pro! It's been fun to see the community come together and work on this garden- everyone is supposed to keep track of their own hours (using the honesty system ofcourse) and then when the fruits of our labor (or vegetables rather) start to sprout they will distribute the food according to the work you put into it. In other words, free food for your work! Being in Idaho, it has been easy to get tractors, compost, and even seeds donated from farming companies- the generosity of people has been so incredible! I'm pretty sure a project like this would never happen in Cincy...

Picture taken: 4/27... There has been MUCH growth since then! I'll have to take more pics!

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