Friday, June 12, 2009

Let me explain myself...

I feel the need to explain all these late posts...

Well, every year Jason and I make a book that basically highlights the past year with all our pictures and stories in it. It's my crative way of doing our family history! And besides- remember when we all had polaroid cameras with millions of photo albums filled with pictures to look at? Well now that everything is digital it's like- cool, I'm taking all these amazing pictures to download to my hard drive and let them sit there... and sit there... and sit there... and maybe get uploaded to facebook... and sit there... and maybe get uploaded to my blog... and sit there... YOU GET THE IDEA. So these books we make are a really fun project. We order them off of either shutterfly or blurb (check it out! or )

Ok back to the point of this post- so the reason for all my late posts is because when my year is up and it's time to make a book again, I decided it is SOOOO much easier to just copy and paste from my blog than so try and remember the whole last year and all of the things we did.

So there you have it. I will probably ALWAYS have late posts because I have a hard time sitting down and updating for just one event. (as you can see)

And no- this post will not be copied and pasted into my book :) incase you were wondering!
(and who knows... maybe i'll even start copying and pasting the comments that are left! but not very likely...)

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Chad & Bonny Day said...

I just got a book from Blurb, they have the option where you can just downloading your blog into your book. It was cool. It was under blog books. You might have already known about this, but I wasn't sure b/c you said you just copied and pasted. I do the same thing, my blog is like my journal, and I just print a book every year.