Friday, June 12, 2009


May 16th- May 19th

Just another late post...

I took a little trip to Pheonix, Arizona to go visit my sister Jill and her cute little family. I had the best time! Her kids are so entertaining, I was happy just sitting there observing! We did lots of fun things and the time passed by WAY too fast! But that's okay because, that means that now it's time for her to come visit me! (HINT, HINT!!) Here are some pics of the trip.....

Crazy, but cute, little Abby... you gotta love her!

We went to the children's museum one day- but I think the adults had just as much fun! This is Jill and I in the swimming-noodle forest. (Or at least that's what I call it!) They had a million of these swimming-noodles hanging from the ceiling that you could walk/run through! It was so fun.. but also kinda dangerous for kids- it's hard to watch where you're going! Let's just say I tried not to plow too many kids over :)

Jill and Parker
(Jill is the cutest mom ever by the way!)

Soakin up some arizona heat, by the pool. ahhhh...

Abby and Mia! You hav no idea how many pictures it took to get one of Abby actually smiling and not making a funny face! (see above) She's quite the entertainer!

Jon at the Children's Museum... These little mobile thingy's are alot harder than they look! You're suppsed to run on those top wheels and it turns the bottom wheels, and thus moves you forward. Kind complicated to explain, but i tried!

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