Friday, September 18, 2009


So I have FINALLY caught up my blog to my life! You are no longer behind! Wow, what a relief! And yes I know it would be easier if I just kept it current, but who wants to read about my Fourth of July adventures when they're reading about everyone else's? You see, by waiting a couple of months to blog about all of my summer adventures, I have made my life seem much more interesting! :)


Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is my newest addition to my house decor. I totally LOVE it! I bought the vase a couple of months ago and waited until I went down to Utah so that my amazing friend Crystal could help me arrange the flowers! Like I said before- she is so talented! (see the "Andie Got Hitched" post for more references on her amazing talent!) THANK YOU CRYSTAL!! I LOVE IT!!


Tuesday, September 8th- Thursday, September 10th

I will now educate you all on the process of harvesting potatoes...

STEP ONE: Learn how to drive a John Deere Tractor (and I learned very quickly that if you even mention the name of another tractor, they practically put soap in your mouth for saying a dirty word!)

STEP TWO: Dig up the potatoes (this is easy, huh?)
STEP THREE: Pick up the potatoes off the ground and put them in a truck that is sent directly to the grocery store! (kinda...)
THE END!! WE CAN NOW FEED THE NATION THEIR POTATOES!!!! GOOOOOO IDAHO!!! (Now wasn't that easy?? And very fast too!! Who knew?! Only three steps- and BAM, the potatoes are in your local grocery store! Thank you IDAHO!)
And when you get sick of digging up potatoes, just can just sit and relax in the cab of the air-conditioned tractor, while the men do their manly tractor fixes!

Jason and his dad worked on this dang broken down... tractor-pull-along, thingy... for HOURS!!

Man, I make the best Idahoan E-V-E-R!!


Well I did it!! I went to two official Idaho fairs!! I am now considered a true Idahoan! First we went to the Western one here in Boise, and then when we went to visit the potato diggers, we went to the Eastern one!! I had so much fun just looking around and taking it all in... these things are BIG deals around here! The coolest thing we saw was a bare-back horse race- how do you not fall off without a saddle?? They must have thighs of steal baby!! It looked scary though!

Jason and his precious John Deere tractors.

This was just a weirdo animal- I think it was a little confused about what it was supposed to be: it had horns like a bull, and a hump like a camel!! I would be confused too!!


Sunday August 9th

The last day of our Knight Family Reunion, we went and took some family pics. My Uncle Roger is a FANTASTIC photographer and he took the real pics- but here are some off of my camera!! We only had the original Vande Merwe girls there, so no in-laws or babies! It was just like old times to dress all alike and try to smile pretty for the camera... even when you don't want to!! :)

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves................


Friday August 7th- Sunday, August 9th

One week after the Vande Merwe reunion, we had a Knight reunion! We haven't been all together since my Grandma Knight's funeral. It was so fun to be with everyone and catch up! Even though it's been a couple years since we were together- no one skipped a beat! It was just like old times- the only thing we were missing was Bowdish Road! I love these guys!!

Yeah my sisters love me...

Curtis, Pam, Bonnie, Mom, JC, Caleb, Me, Haley, and Sierra

Gotta love it!!

Cute little Mia!!


Saturday Morning we went and did a session in the Temple. It was so perfect!Saturday afternoon we piled as many people in the truck as we could, and drove up the Utah mountains to the tippy-top of Mount Bountiful!!

It was a gorgeous view from the top!

Group Picture!

I rode that truck like the bull that it was, on the way back down the mountain!

Can you tell how cozy we were? Good thing we were all cousins!! There was not too much leg room back there!!

The birth control center!!


Haley, Sierra, and I at the Sunday morning "Music and The Spoken Word" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Our cousins picture before people had to start leaving. Saying goodbye is just no fun!!



Thursday, July 30th- Sunday August 1st

Our family reunion was held at the East Canyon Resort in Utah. I couldn't make it down until Friday, but it looked like everyone was having loads of fun!! The theme was the Olympics, and with the Marchants in charge you know there was lots and lots of games to be played!!

Our team at the closing ceremonies.

Grandpa is famous for his stories- can you guess what this one is about?

Thanks to mom and dad's generosity- we were about to go on a horse back ride on the most beautiful trail in the mountains!! In this picture is: Corban, Sierra, Mom, and Teneill

High On The Mountain Top!!

Corban, Sierra, and Teneill- you can see Park City ski slopes in the background!

Me, Mom, Teneill, Sierra, and Chelsea

SISTAS! (minus 2)

East Canyon Lake- Love it!

This lovely bird was just outside the sliding door on the back padio! It was cool to watch her feed her babies!!


Saturday July 25- Tuesday, July 28th

Sierra went to EFY in Utah, so I was able to pick her up on my way home from Andie's wedding. It was so fun to have her come and visit! We did so many things- it was non-stop AWESOMENESS!!!

We stopped at the Malad Gorge- the freeway goes right over this thing (you can kinda see it in the background) You'd miss it if you didn't know it was there!!
You can't see this big crater until you're practically right next to it because it's so flat. Sierra had no idea what we were going to see, until we were right over it!!

Jason's job was having an open house- allowing people to swim in the club house pool. You can see how busy it is!! It was nice to have it all to ourselves... ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Monday morning, Sierra and I went to a Zumba class at my gym (obviously I wasn't going to put a nasty sweaty picture of us on here). And then we went white water rafting!! (we're the two in the front of the raft) It was very exciting- and Sierra even rode the bull through one of the rapids!! She is my HERO!!

Come again soon Sierra!! I miss you!!


Thursday, July 23rd

ANDIE ROBINSON GOT MARRIED!! WAHOO!! Andie is my good friend from Cincinnati, and I wouldn't have missed her wedding for anything! She got married in the Salt Lake City Temple to Trevor Seal on the most beautiful day EVER!! The weather was fantastic! Crystal Lyman let me stay with her- she was in charge of all the flowers and center pieces, which were BEAUTIFUL!! Here are some pics from that fabulous day:
Crystal and I, waiting for the newlyweds to come out!

And when they did... Andie was on CLOUD NINE BABY!!
(can't you just see it?!)

The gorgeous bride bouquet that Crystal made- isn't she talented?!

Andie's mom was my Laurel Advisor in Young Womens, and her dad was my Bishop!! I was practically surrounded by the Robinsons growing up... but they rock, so I didn't mind :)

Andie and Trevor were "workin it" the whole day!! Oh yeah, you go girl!!!

So there's this picture from about 10 years ago of the three of us making this face... fast forward and we haven't changed a bit!!

Technically I guess Trevor should be the one under the veil... what can I say though- we wanted to take a cool picture and it ended up being corny! HAHA!

Yeah I know- Trevor should be the one holding Andie's leg too, but Crystal and I just couldn't get enough! ;)

By the way- I am in LOVE with Andie's dress!!!!! She looked so stunning!!

The Cincinnati guest table- way to represent!

And of course the car- don't worry, I held back everything I really wanted to do!! Boy were you lucky Andie!! Sorry about the mannequin in the back seat... I didn't know Trevor's brother was going to be in the car with you guys!!