Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thursday, July 23rd

ANDIE ROBINSON GOT MARRIED!! WAHOO!! Andie is my good friend from Cincinnati, and I wouldn't have missed her wedding for anything! She got married in the Salt Lake City Temple to Trevor Seal on the most beautiful day EVER!! The weather was fantastic! Crystal Lyman let me stay with her- she was in charge of all the flowers and center pieces, which were BEAUTIFUL!! Here are some pics from that fabulous day:
Crystal and I, waiting for the newlyweds to come out!

And when they did... Andie was on CLOUD NINE BABY!!
(can't you just see it?!)

The gorgeous bride bouquet that Crystal made- isn't she talented?!

Andie's mom was my Laurel Advisor in Young Womens, and her dad was my Bishop!! I was practically surrounded by the Robinsons growing up... but they rock, so I didn't mind :)

Andie and Trevor were "workin it" the whole day!! Oh yeah, you go girl!!!

So there's this picture from about 10 years ago of the three of us making this face... fast forward and we haven't changed a bit!!

Technically I guess Trevor should be the one under the veil... what can I say though- we wanted to take a cool picture and it ended up being corny! HAHA!

Yeah I know- Trevor should be the one holding Andie's leg too, but Crystal and I just couldn't get enough! ;)

By the way- I am in LOVE with Andie's dress!!!!! She looked so stunning!!

The Cincinnati guest table- way to represent!

And of course the car- don't worry, I held back everything I really wanted to do!! Boy were you lucky Andie!! Sorry about the mannequin in the back seat... I didn't know Trevor's brother was going to be in the car with you guys!!

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Sara, Nick, and kids said...

congrats andie! wonderful pics. way to capture the moment