Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thursday July 9th- Saturday, July 11th

Every year, all the boys on Jason's side of the family go on a camping adventure- and no matter how many times I beg or how different I ask, the answer is the same- NO GIRLS ALLOWED!! I don't know if they think I could hack it or what, but one of these years I'll get in! :)

So this year they went camping around the Livingston Mine in Central Idaho. I think they just try to pick the most random, desolate location they can, drive into the mountains and camp when they reach a flat spot. Sounds exhilarating, I know!

From the left: Ryan Raymond, Ryan Richards, Ron, Tate, Jason, and Jared

The steep climb.

Yup- still steep!

Family pic

Jason wishes he was TARZAN.

Apparently when you camp in the middle of no where- there is no dress code! :)

A view from the top of the hike- BEAUTIFUL!


Juliette said...

It does sound exhilarating! Sounds like you need to start a girls only trip ! Good luck getting to go next year!

Natalie said...

That picture of Ron cracks me up everytime. I had the same thoughts when I saw it!! Maybe we'll be able to go one of these times.