Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thursday, July 30th- Sunday August 1st

Our family reunion was held at the East Canyon Resort in Utah. I couldn't make it down until Friday, but it looked like everyone was having loads of fun!! The theme was the Olympics, and with the Marchants in charge you know there was lots and lots of games to be played!!

Our team at the closing ceremonies.

Grandpa is famous for his stories- can you guess what this one is about?

Thanks to mom and dad's generosity- we were about to go on a horse back ride on the most beautiful trail in the mountains!! In this picture is: Corban, Sierra, Mom, and Teneill

High On The Mountain Top!!

Corban, Sierra, and Teneill- you can see Park City ski slopes in the background!

Me, Mom, Teneill, Sierra, and Chelsea

SISTAS! (minus 2)

East Canyon Lake- Love it!

This lovely bird was just outside the sliding door on the back padio! It was cool to watch her feed her babies!!

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