Friday, June 12, 2009


May 29th- May 31st

Jason and I made a trip down to Utah to spend some quality time with my sister Chelsea. She pretty much rocks, so we went down to see what we could learn from her awesomeness.

Then on Sunday, Teneill and Corban came over for an incredibly delicious dinner that Chelsea risked her life to make (seriously we had BBQ chicken and the wasps had made a nest inside the grill! I know, right? AWESOMENESS!) Here are some pics from the mini-trip...

Cheslea... in all her GLORY!
(let me remind you - this pic was taken AFTER her battle with the wasps! How does she do it? GRACE! CLASS! and a little bit of SASS!)

I can only pray that I can become 1/2 the woman she is one day.


GUESS WHAT?? Teneill's pregnant!
(Isn't she a cute prego?!)

And they remembered my day of birth! So tender- I got to celebrate all week long! and this is what started it all! Thanks guys!

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Nick, Sara, and kids said...

Ok you really do look sexy in that one picture. No sarcasm this time......... or on the camping one i mean.........
sorry you haven't heard from me. we have been internetless the entire time we have been back into our house until today. i usually try to leave a post on every comment i see cuz commenting is what seperates friends from stalkers....... funny how i haven't heard from you in a while