Tuesday, June 23, 2009


June 5th-8th

So this year for my birthday, I wanted to go camping a break in our new tent! So we planned for this mini-vacation for about a month, drove around for about 5 hours, and we ended up in the Boise National Forest! There were SOOOOO many pictures, I tried to narrow it down but there's still quite a few! So enjoy, and be jealous that you didn't get to come! :)

This is our little camp ground- right next to the Payette River! It was so beautiful!

Jason, relaxing by the soon to be fire!

We took a TON of scenery photos, everywhere we turned there was another beautiful shot! This one is my favorite!


This was my birthday banana! You slice the banana down the middle and take a long chunk out... then you fill the hole with chocolate chips and marshmellows! Wrap it up in tinfoil and throw it in the fire for 3-5 minutes. DELICIOUS!!!

Our tent totally passed the test... I was so roomy that it fit our queen sized, double decker, air-mattress, AND all of our stuff, AND these two chairs AND a table! PLUS there was plenty of room to still walk around! Amazing! I know!

Jason made the MOST delicious breakfast burritos! They were so filling that we skipped lunch and didn't even know it! Yum! Yum!

I have decided that this is where my final resting place will be. All alone, in the middle of an awesome forest... on a rock. :)

Jason found another rock to be KING of!

This was a neat hot spring coming out of the mountain into several different pools that someone had built up! We would have totally gone in it if you didn't have to cross the freezing river to get to them. But we did see other people in them, and pretended it was us!
Blowing out my birthday candle... I mean birthday stick... Don't worry- I still made a wish!

Proving my love to Jason, by writing it in ashes on a rock! Now THAT is love baby!


Janel said...

I loved reading all about your trip. You still know how to make me laugh! I wish we lived closer. I love camping. I am glad you guys had fun. I want to go make me one of those bananas...sounds yum yum good.

Crystal Lyman said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I still haven't been camping this year yet. You have inspired me! Can't wait to see you soon girl!

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

you look totally sexy in all of those pictures