Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My sister-in-law, Joy, and I ran in a small fun run together! It was a relay where teams had to wear a hat and pass it off as if it was the baton. They were giving out prizes for the best hat and since we knew we wouldn't get first place in the race- we decided to get first place in the best hat category! AND WE DID! It was a fun race! It was: 2 miles x 2 miles x 2 miles x 2 miles (so we each ran 4 miles total... just incase you didn't get that!) Here are some pics from the big event!

Joy and I before the race!
Notice our planned outfits to coordinate with our awesome hat! Oh yeah... we're cool! :)

Joy on the last stretch of the relay! She was commin in strong and totally rocked it!
WE WON "BEST HAT"!! (don't be jealous!)
Showing off our outfits, and just glad we made it through the race!

This was our small group of race participants. Check out all the cool hats! (Sombrero's, bunny ears, wigs, fishing hats, flower hats, etc.) Joy and I are in the top left corner!


J. said...

That is awesome that you guys did that together. How fun. I love the hat, too.

The Longs said...

You said ya'll won the best hat and got a prize....I'm just wondering why you didn't say what the prize was? I'm very curious, what was it!?

Mindy and Ryan said...

Brook-you totally crack me up! I love your posts! :) I'm very impressed with you and Joy...great job...and what a creative hat!!!
Sounds like you had a great time in Utah...maybe you should leave Jason home more often...hee hee!

Brook and Jason :) said...

We each got a $15 gift certificate to a running store as our prize! It was pretty sweet!

Natalie said...

Fun! That post is getting me excited about the races Ryan and I are planning on running this summer. Love the hat!

Janel said...

Dude I would have totally loved to do that with you...the hat looks pretty dang SWEEETTT!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Wow I'm impressed! That looks like a lot of fun if, you know, you like to run :)

The Peterson Family said...

4 miles! wow. i hope you didn't let her down, just kidding. you don't have to post this comment... i just wanted you to know how to spell "comin'"--- not commin, because i love you and i know how tired and overworked you are and how amazing it is that you can get everything done that you do. oka.loves.