Monday, December 26, 2011


So remember about 8 months ago how I was all excited about re-doing my guest bedroom? Turns out my summer project turned into a much MUCH longer project than I had intended. Standard. But I'm all about doing things right the FIRST time, so it is what it is. I'm excited to finally get this blogged! I spent alot of time gathering inspirations and following tutorials to get the look we wanted for as little $$$$ as possible (although it still wasn't as cheap as I wanted, things never are these days... that's a blog for another day...) So next time you're in Idaho, we'd love for you to come and be our GUEST!

Remember this beauty??

First we sold everything to get some cash for the new look! And I mean EVERYTHING! Gotta love Craigslist!
And now for some inspiration. I have this lovely blank canvas and a guest room that needed to be created! I found THIS and fell in love with the color scheme. Grey, Yellow, White, and Black it would be. Walls were painted "Fashion Gray" from Home Depot's BEHR brand.
And WHALA!! Here's the final product! I just LOVE how it turned out... sometimes I surprise myself :) So come be my guest and you can stay in my lovely new room!

And now for the BREAKDOWN: Where did I find it, how did I make it, where did I buy it, etc.
FRAME: It just so happens that my neighbors up and left their house one day, and left a big pile of rubble in their driveway with a FREE sign! My favorite! White frame used to be blue... nothing a little $3 spray paint can't fix!
VINYL LETTERING: An inspiration from Hobby Lobby- found the quote there, but it wasn't the right color or size. So I bought my own vinyl using a 40% off coupon from Craft Warefouse and a friend in the ward helped me use her Cricut machine to cut it out perfectly!

VASE: Found on clearance from Graples Home Decor for only $10, what a steal!
FRAME: Already had it :)
HORSES: Don't be jealous, but Jason gave me those while we were dating (a story for another day!) and I've never had a good place to put them until now!

SQUARE FRAMES: These were a MUST HAVE item for me. Don't ask why, I just fell in love with them and had to have them somewhere in my room! Thus, they were one of the splurges in the room... $20 a piece from IKEA. But I love them.
PICTURES: The one on the left was taken by yours truly! Jason took the other two, and we had them printed at Costco for $3 each.

ARMOIRE: Yeah... I'm not gonna go over that again. Read THIS post!

CHAIR: Found this beauty for $6 on craigslist. Had a white seat originally and it was super easy to recover! I mainly needed it for my craft closet right there. That and the corner felt so empty! It fits perfectly though! :)

VASE: This incredible Tulip vase was given to us for our wedding, but it's been sitting in our cupboard since then! I was so excited to be able to display it because I just love it! Flowers and black sand was courtesy of Michaels and a 50% off coupon. $5 bucks.
R: Bought from Hobby Lobby for 0.75 cents and painted for $1.50
SHELVES: Got these beauties for FREE from a Home Decor Swap party! You bring your old (but still in good condition) home decor you don't use anymore and SWAP it! So fun, and so useful! Love them.
LAMP: My sister, Jill, made the mistake of showing me this lamp from Needless to say it was another splurge BUT it was a steal of a deal for a lamp! Got it for $30 bucks!
PICTURES & FRAMES: Already had those :)
SIDE TABLE: Okay! I am so excited about this one. I looked ALL OVER for a side table that met my demands and my budget. It did not exsist. So we built one! (Say Whaa?!) Found the blue print and inspiration HERE. It was definately a more tricky build, and Jason and I learned ALOT about what we know and what we don't know about tools, wood, angles, measurements, etc. But it was a fun project to do together and I just LOVE how it turned out! We definately surprised ourselves on this one! Only about $35, not too shabby! Painted it a "Du Jour" White from Lowe's VALSPAR brand.

WHITE PILLOW: This was my in-between General Conferences project last October :) Found my inspiration HERE but wanted it to look more like THIS so I changed it up a bit, and that's what I came up with! I think I spent about $25 on fabric and filling for all the pillows combined in the room. And I have tons of filling left over for future pillows! Yay!
BLACK PILLOW: This just might be my favorite pillow in the room! Made from a T-shirt out of my DI pile! Found the inspiration HERE and used it to cover up a pillow I made in my 8th grade home economics class... believe me when I tell you, you don't want to see what's underneath! :)
WINDOW SEAT: Do you know how expensive foam is? Holy cow! Seriously! I don't know how people sleep at night charging that amount. Luckily for me I didn't have to buy any because there was a large couch cushion laying in my neighbors big pile of rubble! How perfect is that? It wasn't quite the right size- but I cut it and re-shaped to make it work and saved like $25! Go me!

GRAY PILLOWS: Saw pillows at Walmart for $15 similar to these. Couldn't find any tutorials similar so I just kinda made it up... not too crazy about how it turned out but they will do.
YELLOW PILLOW: Do you know how rare yellow pillows are?? I hate looking so hard for something, only to find it for $30+ and that definately wasn't in the budget. I knew I wanted something like THIS and so the yellow pillow is what I ended up with just kinda winging it.
BED SPREAD: Why are they always so dang expensive? All I wanted was for it to be white and simple! Found this one at The Burlington Coat Factory for $80
HEADBOARD: Wow, there are some really ugly headboards out there. I was intending to re-do one from craigslist but saw THIS and knew it had to be built! This was our first major woodworking project, and I think it turned out pretty good! And especially for only $45! This was also painted a "Du Jour" White from Lowe's VALSPAR brand.


Brittany said...

Wow! It turned out Great! I pinned it on pinterest so I can remember your ideas.

Crystal Lyman said...

You are my inspiration!! Bravo my friend. I can't wait to come visit you and Jason!!

The Smiths said...

GORGEOUS!! If you're inviting guests I could think of a couple kids I would be happy to send your way every now and again...then again, maybe it's me and my hubby that needs a break from our kiddos! Just Kidding. Your guest bedroom turned out beautifully! You and Jason are extremely talented.

Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

I love your window seat. Nice place to sit and read.

Erica said...

What paint color did you use?

Sarah Carver said...

Came from Better After. Love the room. I'm interested in the paint color too. What was it?

Brook and Jason :) said...

Oh sorry! Totally forgot to post the paint colors- that's been updated now :) Walls were painted "Fashion Gray" from Home Depot's BEHR brand, and the white furniture was painted "Du Jour" from Lowe's VALSPAR brand. Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

The room looks AMAZING!! I just found my new inspiration for our new house!! Love the color palette, great job!! Now I want to see what the rest of your home looks like!! :)

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

Love it!! Now you can fly me and nick out to come stay with you!!
Thanks for breaking down all the details :)

Kristin said...

I found this when looking for gray paint - beautiful! Does Behr Fashion Grey ever look purple? Or is it just a true medium grey?

Brook and Jason :) said...

I have never gotten a purple vibe from this color in any kind of light. It is definately true grey! Good luck!

Aby said...

what kind of paint finish did you use on the walls?