Friday, April 6, 2012


Okay, now on to BELIZE! We had to be tendered in, which was an experience all on it's own- but still fun! This was one of our most favorite excursions- "Raiders of the Lost Mayan Caves". We became quite the explorers! This excursion took us on a 2 hour bus ride into the jungle, where we were harnessed up, hiked into the forest, explored caves, learned about mayan history, zip-lined, and ate some good authentic food! We made some great memories in Belize!
Leaving the cruise ship, and boarding our little boat!
On the boat, being tendered into Belize.Bye bye cruise ship! And on to our excursion!
This was our bus! Much nicer than we expected :) We had an AWESOME tour guide! She was funny and very informative. We learned alot about Belize and their culture. It was awesome!
The water table is too high, so all the cemetaries have the bodies above ground. THAT was interesting.
Oh hello there! (Don't shoot!!)Mountains ......or uncovered ruins? I choose the ruins, and so did our tour guide! SO COOL!A view of our rough road. Yikes!
Oh what's that nest? Just termites. No biggie. (gross!)Jason getting his gear on by the little native! Who looks expecially little next to Jason :)Let's do this!Oh what's that noise off in the forest? Don't worry... that's just a snake falling out of the tree! Yup that's right, apparently snakes just fall right out of the trees there and scare the geebees out of you. Not a comforting noise.Our trail into the darkness....Inside the darkness!And now add the flash... that's better.Poor Jason had to crouch down to fit through some tight spots! Watch your head!!This is a picture of the ceiling, and thanks to my flash I totally freaked myself out when I looked at the picture in the cave and realized how many BATS there were right above me! See all those little black dots? AHHH! Stud.Awww!Oh no... are you sure about this? Do you really know what you're doing? Well they did, and it was AMAZING! So fun to zip-line!Indiana Jones rope bridge! Looks totally shady, but Jason reassured me that he saw some cable re-enforcements under those ropes! Phew!
This zip-line was super short but extremely steep! We weren't so sure about this one, with just a tree and a little native at the bottom to stop you, Jason was sure he was plunging to his death!
Hahaha, they made him go first!You can kinda see Jason through the trees... look hard! He's on the zip-line!Back out of the forest, and good-bye caves!A map of the trail we just completed! That rocked!Our trail guide. Thumbs up all-around!Exhausted.
Our lovely towel dog greeted us when we got back to our room :)


The Peterson Family said...

so let me get this straight: you were the one flashing your camera thousands of times even AFTER you saw all those bats? i'm sure jason would've channeled in to his inner batman to save you.

Alysa . . . . and Reed said...

Totally jealous! What a FUN day!! And I loved the towel dog too. :)

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